Looking back on 2014

We at Clay Home Medical are looking forward to our 23rd year of providing Medical Equipment and Supplies to Central Virginia. It is amazing how much has changed in 22 years. The equipment in many cases is similar to 1993, but the shift to being cared for at home has been significant. Home care is still the most cost-effective way to take care of patients. Patients do better at home and are happier. Some technologies, such as oxygen therapy and sleep therapy continue to change with improvements in size, quality and efficiency. More outcomes are being measured leading to changes in the way healthcare is provided. Hospitals are being penalized for readmissions that happen too soon. It is crucial to work with a quality home care company that can reduce these readmissions.

A number of our employees have been with us the entire 22 years. Their commitment to taking good care of patients speaks for itself. A pleasant face with a positive attitude can make a big difference in patient perception of care. That is our strength, our people!

We have endured the industry challenges of reimbursement cuts, endless audits and other challenges over the last few years. While we did not win a Medicare Bid in Round 1, we are busy preparing to bid in Round 2 so that we can accept the patients who wish to use us for services. As many as 11 Virginia medical equipment companies no longer exist as a result of these conditions. We have made important and sometimes difficult changes to remain viable.

We wish to thank our employees for the fine work that they do, our referral sources for the orders that they have sent to us, and especially our patients who trust us for their care. Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Sam Clay and Staff


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