Fall is coming, make sure it’s not in your bathroom!

Seasons come and go, and the heat is starting to fade. Before you know it, Fall will be upon us. Beautiful changing leaves, pumpkin flavored food and drinks, friends and family gathering, and football. All fantastic things that make up one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year.


However, the only Fall that should be happening is the change in season and the falling of the temperatures! Bathroom safety is a very important part of protecting yourself or your loved ones from suffering through such a preventable event, and the lingering affects after the fall (rehabilitation, permanent damage, etc).

We carry a large variety of bath safety equipment, ranging from grab bars for the wall, transfer tub benches for getting in and out of the bathtub, raised toilet seats, extended shower heads, and other helpful items.bath-safety-southside-virginia

The old saying is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Bath safety items are cheap insurance that will save you or your loved ones pain, and money, and generally provide a peace of mind.

Stop by or call today for more information on ways you can improve your safety in the bathroom.

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