Your New Found Freedom

Freedom. Freedom to go where you want, freedom from pain, freedom to participate in family activities, freedom from depending on others.  All these are very important to living a full life.  If you suffer from immobility, chronic pain, or have trouble walking, standing and getting around in general, you know how quickly your freedom is taken away.  An electric scooter can be a great part of a solution.

Going where you want with an electric scooter is now made easier due to the many models and accessories that are available.  There are different sizes of scooters ranging from large to small with 3- and 4-wheeled models.  Stores and malls are designed for better accessibility for scooters and this makes it much easier to do the things you enjoy doing.

Anyone who cannot walk a long distance or experiences pain while trying to be mobile can find that scooters provide a wonderful relief.  Using a scooter may even help you retain your ability to walk longer because you will save on your energy.

Participating in family activities is important to us all, especially when you have children and grandchildren.  No one wants to miss out on opportunities to share in their families’ lives, so a scooter can help you stay involved in all their activities.

And lastly, but probably most importantly, no one wants to have to depend on others for help.  A scooter can be the difference between independent living or having to rely on others.

The team at Clay Home Medical can help you understand the options and determine if you should begin to consider a scooter.

Invacare scooters in Southside Virginia

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