Mobility comes in the form of a Lift Chair!

The Benefits of Power Lift Chairs There are many benefits to having a power lift chair. If you or a loved one has difficulty in getting up or down from a sofa or chair, lift chairs can be a great solution. Did you know that prior to the 1980’s, people were taking existing recliners and modifying them by adding lifting mechanisms to the base of these chairs? Then they came along and built a spring-lift chair which produces a rapid but unsteady lift caused by the spring. This type has been deemed unsafe and now has been replaced by a much safer chair that uses an electrical lifting system that is much slower and safer. Innovation has taken lift chairs to a new level. Standing up or sitting down can be done unassisted in many cases. Lift chairs now include heat, massage, and vibrates, which for anyone, is a real treat for relieving back pain, relaxing your muscles, and circulation improvement. Lift chairs also recline and you can even sleep in one. Their motor takes you from sitting down to a complete standing position. In addition, these chairs make transferring to and from a wheel chair much easier and safer. They are designed to not tip over and can be made for heavier customers. Another benefit is that lift chairs plug into the wall but also come with a backup power supply that comes on when the power goes out. This battery backup makes sure your lift chair will always operate. There are many different sizes, shapes, colors, fabrics, etc. to choose from. However, getting a chair that is the most comfortable and meets your needs is the most important factor. Colors and fabrics can come later; make sure your medical conditions are being considered foremost with your purchase of a lift chair. Our helpful team at Clay Home Medical knows all about lift chairs and will be happy to share more information with you.



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