CPAP and BIPAP Machines

Many people don’t know that a good night’s sleep can be interrupted by a condition known as Sleep Apnea, which is characterized by periods of infrequent breathing and marked by respiratory pauses.

Sleep Apnea can be worsened by physiological obstructions, which can cause the patient to have reduced performance during the day.

Sleep Through the Night With Our CPAP and BIPAP Machines

CPAP-MachineTo counteract this condition, which is suffered by more than 12 million patients, we offer a wide variety of PAP (positive airway pressure) machines manufactured by Respironics and ResMed.

Our respiratory professionals work with your doctor and sleep labs to set you up with the latest machines, masks, and supplies for the greatest benefit.

All of our machines are maintained to the specifications of the manufacturer for optimal service and results.

For more information about our CPAP machines and medical supplies, please contact Clay Home Medical or call toll-free at 800-300-5888.

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