3 Reasons You Should Buy Refurbished Home Medical Equipment

First of all, what is refurbished medical equipment?  It is equipment that has been previously owned and then purchased by an HME supplier. Their technicians have repaired it, replaced worn and damaged parts, tested it and ensured it meets all industry standards.  This process also includes decontamination, refinishing, and recalibration.  Refurbished equipment is very different from used equipment, as used equipment can be resold as-is without warranties.

Reason #1 – Confidence in condition: Refurbished equipment is virtually ‘good as new’ since it has been vigorously inspected and tested.  Warranty packages may come with refurbished equipment as well. So, if something goes wrong, you can be covered under their warranty.  Delivery and installation may also be provided.

Reason #2 – Cost savings: This is a huge reason for many.  New equipment can be expensive and if you are not covered under insurance, you need to have other options.  Refurbished equipment is a good one. Even if you are covered, many insurance plans limit the number of devices they will pay for in a period of time. So, if your environment or other situations change causing you to need a different wheelchair or lift chair, etc., your insurance may not cover it. In addition, some people need an extra piece of equipment and purchasing a refurbished item works well here, too.

Reason #3 – Stability in product: There is security in knowing a product has been in the market awhile and has proven its reliability. Refurbished products have had time for many ‘issues’ to have surfaced and to have been worked out.  If there have been any safety issues, the product will have already been removed from the market, so reliability in older equipment is a plus.

Refurbished equipment really is a very good option for those of us who need high-quality equipment while watching our budget.  Our customer service experts will be glad to help you find the right equipment to fit your needs and your budget.

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Your New Found Freedom

Freedom. Freedom to go where you want, freedom from pain, freedom to participate in family activities, freedom from depending on others.  All these are very important to living a full life.  If you suffer from immobility, chronic pain, or have trouble walking, standing and getting around in general, you know how quickly your freedom is taken away.  An electric scooter can be a great part of a solution.

Going where you want with an electric scooter is now made easier due to the many models and accessories that are available.  There are different sizes of scooters ranging from large to small with 3- and 4-wheeled models.  Stores and malls are designed for better accessibility for scooters and this makes it much easier to do the things you enjoy doing.

Anyone who cannot walk a long distance or experiences pain while trying to be mobile can find that scooters provide a wonderful relief.  Using a scooter may even help you retain your ability to walk longer because you will save on your energy.

Participating in family activities is important to us all, especially when you have children and grandchildren.  No one wants to miss out on opportunities to share in their families’ lives, so a scooter can help you stay involved in all their activities.

And lastly, but probably most importantly, no one wants to have to depend on others for help.  A scooter can be the difference between independent living or having to rely on others.

The team at Clay Home Medical can help you understand the options and determine if you should begin to consider a scooter.

Invacare scooters in Southside Virginia

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Mobility comes in the form of a Lift Chair!

The Benefits of Power Lift Chairs There are many benefits to having a power lift chair. If you or a loved one has difficulty in getting up or down from a sofa or chair, lift chairs can be a great solution. Did you know that prior to the 1980’s, people were taking existing recliners and modifying them by adding lifting mechanisms to the base of these chairs? Then they came along and built a spring-lift chair which produces a rapid but unsteady lift caused by the spring. This type has been deemed unsafe and now has been replaced by a much safer chair that uses an electrical lifting system that is much slower and safer. Innovation has taken lift chairs to a new level. Standing up or sitting down can be done unassisted in many cases. Lift chairs now include heat, massage, and vibrates, which for anyone, is a real treat for relieving back pain, relaxing your muscles, and circulation improvement. Lift chairs also recline and you can even sleep in one. Their motor takes you from sitting down to a complete standing position. In addition, these chairs make transferring to and from a wheel chair much easier and safer. They are designed to not tip over and can be made for heavier customers. Another benefit is that lift chairs plug into the wall but also come with a backup power supply that comes on when the power goes out. This battery backup makes sure your lift chair will always operate. There are many different sizes, shapes, colors, fabrics, etc. to choose from. However, getting a chair that is the most comfortable and meets your needs is the most important factor. Colors and fabrics can come later; make sure your medical conditions are being considered foremost with your purchase of a lift chair. Our helpful team at Clay Home Medical knows all about lift chairs and will be happy to share more information with you.



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Looking back on 2014

We at Clay Home Medical are looking forward to our 23rd year of providing Medical Equipment and Supplies to Central Virginia. It is amazing how much has changed in 22 years. The equipment in many cases is similar to 1993, but the shift to being cared for at home has been significant. Home care is still the most cost-effective way to take care of patients. Patients do better at home and are happier. Some technologies, such as oxygen therapy and sleep therapy continue to change with improvements in size, quality and efficiency. More outcomes are being measured leading to changes in the way healthcare is provided. Hospitals are being penalized for readmissions that happen too soon. It is crucial to work with a quality home care company that can reduce these readmissions.

A number of our employees have been with us the entire 22 years. Their commitment to taking good care of patients speaks for itself. A pleasant face with a positive attitude can make a big difference in patient perception of care. That is our strength, our people!

We have endured the industry challenges of reimbursement cuts, endless audits and other challenges over the last few years. While we did not win a Medicare Bid in Round 1, we are busy preparing to bid in Round 2 so that we can accept the patients who wish to use us for services. As many as 11 Virginia medical equipment companies no longer exist as a result of these conditions. We have made important and sometimes difficult changes to remain viable.

We wish to thank our employees for the fine work that they do, our referral sources for the orders that they have sent to us, and especially our patients who trust us for their care. Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Sam Clay and Staff


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Fall is coming, make sure it’s not in your bathroom!

Seasons come and go, and the heat is starting to fade. Before you know it, Fall will be upon us. Beautiful changing leaves, pumpkin flavored food and drinks, friends and family gathering, and football. All fantastic things that make up one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year.


However, the only Fall that should be happening is the change in season and the falling of the temperatures! Bathroom safety is a very important part of protecting yourself or your loved ones from suffering through such a preventable event, and the lingering affects after the fall (rehabilitation, permanent damage, etc).

We carry a large variety of bath safety equipment, ranging from grab bars for the wall, transfer tub benches for getting in and out of the bathtub, raised toilet seats, extended shower heads, and other helpful items.bath-safety-southside-virginia

The old saying is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Bath safety items are cheap insurance that will save you or your loved ones pain, and money, and generally provide a peace of mind.

Stop by or call today for more information on ways you can improve your safety in the bathroom.

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Back to School!

It’s that time again! Schools are starting back and that means new school clothes or accessories that will define your personality.

Medical gift ideas in VirginiaWe have a vast selection of Nursing School-required supplies, including blood-pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, and monogramming for uniforms!

Dansko Shoes are also a fantastic way to show your personality! We carry a large selection ranging from eye catching patterns to basic patent leather colors. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know! We do special orders! Dansko’s are perfect for anyone on their feet all day, including Nurses, Teachers, as well as Waitresses.Nurses shoes for sale in Virginia


Check out our newer selections that are coming in, as well as browse the Clearance section for our closeout Spring and Summer styles.

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Dansko Shoes Are Not Just For Nurses!

Teachers! Dansko shoes are not just for Nurses! If you’re on your feet all day teaching our future generations the fundamentals they will use the rest of their lives, why not be comfortable and stylish while doing it?

Nurses shoes for sale in VirginiaDansko shoe’s are known for the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) certification, which proves they are superior for improving posture, and helping with leg and back pain while staying active and on the go.

Visit one of our 3 locations to see the latest styles and fashions to go with any outfit, ranging from basic patent solids to crazy patterns that will spice up your wardrobe!

Nurses shoes for sale in Southside Virginia

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Don’t let your medical equipment needs limit your freedom to travel!

Do you love to travel? Does the burden of what to do about your medical equipment prevent you from having that freedom? We carry a full line of travel products that help you get where you’re going, with the least amount of hassle.

portable-oxygen-virginia-internalPortable Oxygen Concentrators are modern, lightweight devices that run on AC, DC, or battery power. They come with carrying cases, and are FAA approved. They are extremely useful on cruise ships as well. Portable concentrators give you the freedom to see the sights and experience time with your loved ones, without being tied to a wall outlet. Additional batteries are also available for those who want the added comfort of knowing they have plenty of time to enjoy themselves without having to recharge.


Invacare scooters in Southside VirginiaScooters are another popular travel item. Our scooters are lightweight, and extremely portable. They disassemble easily into multiple pieces to fit better when packing them for a long trip. Each scooter has an approximately 250lbs weight limit, and can travel up to 6 miles per charge. Reaching speeds of up to 4mph, you’ll be able to get where you want in style. Scooters come in a variety of colors and options, and have many accessories available, from baskets on the front to drink holders.

CPAP supplies in VirginiaDo you suffer from Sleep Apnea, and find packing your CPAP for trips is a real pain? We carry affordable Travel CPAP machines! Our travel CPAPs are lightweight, with a compact design that is easy to store and transport. The travel CPAPs come with a durable travel bag, and the machines are set by our certified Respiratory Therapists to match the prescription pressure settings of the machine you have at home.


Call or stop by one of our 3 locations to see how Clay Home Medical can help you focus on your trip, not your medical equipment.cropped-logo.png

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Mastectomy Breast Prosthesis Product Launch – March 12th, 2014

We are excited to announce the addition of NEARLY ME mastectomy prostheses and bras to our line of products. Nearly ME products have been on the market for over 25 years and have helped hundreds of thousands of women during this time. The NEARLY ME Mastectomy Products Representative, Karen Wilson, Certified Fitter, will be on hand on March 12, 2014 for FREE consultations and fittings. Please contact Tina Beard at Clay Home Medical at 804-861-1606 for an appointment. This event is open to anyone who has had breast surgery, referral sources, or anyone who just wants to know more about breast prostheses. Breast prostheses are covered by most major insurances, including Medicare.

Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Place: Clay Home Medical

3333 S. Crater Road, Suite 5

Petersburg, VA 23805

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM



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